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To quickly view code, try using Notepad++

I recommend copying my code into Notepad++ and selecting the appropriate language for ease of viewing. http://notepad-plus-plus.org/


Seldom did I there tread that dark forbidding way which leads from easy emptiness to the garden of decay A cherry tree old and forgotten broods in that cold dark waste and empty are its boughs of blossom cold winds, their beauty erased Arrived there now my true love careless of garden’s plight But like … Continue reading

SQL Search query example

It took me a long while to find out how to do this a few years back, it may be easier to do now than it was but I keep this code handy should I ever need it again. It basically lets you query MSSQL by passing optional search parameters (ClientId, ProjectID etc) and will … Continue reading

Monitor processes per user using WMI in VB.Net

I had problems trying to create a tool to log Internet Explorer memory usage to an output log file in a Citrix Environment, without pulling out all Internet Explorer processes for all users logged on. I then found that WMI could help with this to identify the user and match with the process Id to … Continue reading