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Backup and Recovery

Windows Server Backup Failed Recovery

I was trying to recover a Hyper-V server from a volume/system state backup created by Microsoft DPM 2010 using Windows Server Backup (WSB) on a new Windows Server 2012 R2 host, as part of a Disaster Recovery project. In the following post I use MYSERVER to replace the actual server name. DPM had backed up the server to a MYSERVER directory on the backup repository, this folder I then copied to the C:\WindowsImageBackup folder on the Hyper-V host as below:

Files created by Microsoft DPM

When going through the server recovery (Action menu > Recover…), selecting the ‘System State’ option to recover allowed me to proceed, but when the recover was initiated I got the error “System state recovery failed to complete”. Clicking the errors tab showed “Mounting of the volumes in the backup failed. Please retry the operation. Detailed error: The system cannot find the file specified” as below:

Windows Server Backup error when trying to recover system state

I tried to do a File and Folders recovery after this, to see if I could get anymore information about the error as the Windows Event logs weren’t proving useful. Attempting this gave the error “Unable to browse local disk (C:). The system cannot find the file specified”. From this point I assumed WSB couldn’t find a particular file or set of files to recover from. After plenty of trial and error I found this was the case, DPM had created a folder hierarchy for the backup that WSB couldn’t read.

To resolve this, the VHDX file (ed7cc038…) and folder MYSERVER Vol_{ed7cc038-…} must be moved into the folder “C:\WindowsImageBackup\MYSERVER\backup 2014-04-04 133102”, where “\backup 2014-04-04 133102” is the folder dated at time of backup (this should already exist in C:\WindowsImageBackup\MYSERVER folder). For some reason, DPM had saved this VHDX file and folder at the root of the backup folder.

System state recovery proceeding


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