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Dynamics CRM for Outlook trusted sites error

I have been working with one of our developers to install the Dynamics CRM 2011 client for Outlook (Rollup 13). We were having quite a few issues getting this to work including the ribbon not loading, and when clicking contact details and other links to open in a new windows we were getting the error

“Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes extensive use of your Web browser’s client-side abilities, including ActiveX scripting. You either have one of these features turned off or your security settings are set so high that they prevent these features from being used. To enable these features, add the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server URL (http://server) to your list of Trusted Sites and try your request again”

Error message when trying to view CRM content through Outlook

Adding the site to the trusted sites list through group policy didn’t rectify the issue however right clicking on the error page, then copying and pasting the URL into Internet Explorer did let us browse to the page fine. For some reason, Outlook would not allow this.

Using the Tracing diagnostics feature of the Outlook plugin didn’t reveal much useful information, we saw the below error repeating many times

“>ExecuteScriptFunction ‘IsRibbonDataReadyOutlook’ args ” failed to execute the function because it does not exist in the page at location http://server/org/_root/stage.aspx?id=&url=SiteMapNavPage.aspx&ver=63541151040922″

Testing further, we set up a machine off the domain and got the client working fine. After comparing the Internet Explorer settings to a domain joined machine, I found that the Active Scripting security setting for the Trusted Sites zone was disabled, enabling this resolved the issue. Also of note was the fact that we had the CRM server URL listed in the Local Intranet sites list, and Active Scripting was enabled for that zone but it still did not work correctly. It seems that Outlook is taking the security settings from the Trusted Sites zone regardless of the list that the CRM server is added to, though this I havn’t confirmed

To resolve this, we configured Allow Active Scripting in our default domain policy GPO for the Trusted Sites zone.
To access the setting directly in Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Security > Select Trusted Sites then click Custom Level… > Under the ‘Scripting’ heading you will see ‘Active Scripting’, set this to Enabled

Enable Active Scripting for the Trusted Sites zone


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