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Optimise and maintain Dynamics CRM 2011 performance

I came across this document online from Microsoft which I thought would be good to share, relating to performance optimisation of a Dynamics CRM infrastructure. It covers a quite a few area’s such as managing the SQL and IIS servers to WAN acceleration. You can download it from Microsoft here Alternatively, if the link above … Continue reading

Dynamics CRM for Outlook trusted sites error

I have been working with one of our developers to install the Dynamics CRM 2011 client for Outlook (Rollup 13). We were having quite a few issues getting this to work including the ribbon not loading, and when clicking contact details and other links to open in a new windows we were getting the error … Continue reading

Import Dynamics CRM Organisation using PowerShell and a User Mapping File

The following PowerShell script can be used to import a CRM 2011 organisation using PowerShell and a User Mapping File to map the required users only. We use this command when we restore production SQL backups to our development servers in order to change the user and administrator accounts that are used (different to production). … Continue reading